Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Okay, since the both of you seem to agree that some of my original ramblings were, if nothing else, headed in the right direction, I figure we could break some of them down and further elaborate on the specifics, at least as they relate to the Call of Duty section.

First up, the Tutorials.

Text Color
EDIT: Per comments, this would probably be called something like "Custom Text" or something. Under this section, it would include how to colorize text as well as how to insert special characters. Hooray Bowman!

The first tutorial could be "Colorizing Names." I think each of us are familiar with this one. Thus, this one can be distributed to whoever is willing. Seeing as how both of you are in school, I'll probably take this.

As for "Binding," the best thing about this is that both Slaughter & I know nothing regarding Binding. Thus, if Bowman takes this one and basically does a "Step-by-step approach, (use bullets if you freakin' want), then either Slaughter or myself could summarize it. Whoever does not summarize it, can then read the tutorial and [hopefully] follow it.

In other words, if Kev writes down the jist of the "how-to" and Slaughter puts it into text, I can then hopefully read the tutorial and follow it perfectly. The good thing here is that we can't be vague - even if we tried. That is to say, at times, when writing a instructions, we tend to leave out some otherwise imperative information - assuming the reader knows what we know. Well, since either Slaughter or I know nothing, we'll be able to catch this a lot easier.

No-CD Hack
Well, this one is similiar to the first tutorial section about Binding. I believe any of us can perform this one. However, I also think it would go along way in explaining a how-to on cracking a server - not just a client. I believe Slaughter & I will probably attempt this one day anyway in the near future, so why not now?

I like this idea. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this one is extremely similiar to the Binding section. That is, only Bowman knows. Thus, perhaps another bulletted-list turned guide can provide the odd man out to be able to perform this.

Also, just to add, it may not be a bad idea to also explain how to properly setup headsets, etc. Just my two cents.


Anyway, that's all my ideas for the Call of Duty : Tutorials section. Anyone wish to comment?

CoDHQ: Brainstorming 101

Okay, so, to throw out some thoughts and then go back and see what is and is not realistic, here's some things I was thinking in regards to content:


Game Overview
*Demo, (link)

Call of Duty
*Colorizing Names
*No-CD Crack
PC: General
*Tune Up
*Game Optimization

*Game Patches
*Game Fixes(?)


Also, I just wanted to add: If you guys wish, I can always just open the forums and mask/hide a section for just us three. It may be easier to post there. What do you think?